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Except for the provision of safe water, the vaccine has had a major effect on mortality reduction in communicable diseases. The vaccine is a highly regulated, complex biologic product designed to induce a protective immune response both effectively and safely. Immunization is the administration of a vaccine to stimulate that protective response and an immunized person will be protected in subsequent exposures. The National Immunization Programme (NIP) of Sri Lanka has been implemented to prevent priority vaccine-preventable diseases among the community in the country. It has an excellent record....  Read More

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    Cold Chain

    A vaccine, once manufactured, need to be remained potent during transport, storage, and up to the point of administration to the recipient. The “cold chain” is the name given to a system of people trained in vaccine management and equipment which ensures that the correct quantity of effective vaccine reaches those who need it from the point of production. The cold chain system is necessary because vaccines are delicate substances that lose potency if exposed to temperatures that are too warm or too cold. High coverage of immunization alone is not effective if the vaccine that was used is not pote....  Read More

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      Adverse Events Following Immunization

      The goal of immunization is to protect the individual and the public from vaccine-preventable diseases. Although modern vaccines are safe, no vaccine is entirely safe without risk. Some people experience adverse events following immunization (AEFI) ranging from mild side effects to lifethreatening but rare, illnesses. In the majority of cases, these events are merely coincidences; in others, they are caused by the vaccine or by an error in the administration of the vaccine, or anxiety-related reactions. AEFI is any untoward medical occurrence that follows immunization, and which does not necessar....  Read More

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