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Information on Leptospirosis

Health Education Tools


A presentation to be used to educate the farming community

1. For areas where Doxycycline is used as prophylaxis treatment (Sinhala / Tamil)

2. For areas where Doxycycline is not used as prophylaxis treatment (Sinhala / Tamil)


IEC Materials for Leptospirosis


Leptospirosis Poster (Sinhala / Tamil)

Leptospirosis Leaflet (Sinhala / Tamil)


Reports & Circulars


Controlling and preventing the current Leptospirosis outbreak following floods and heavy rains (English)

Leptospirosis fact sheet (Sinhala / English)

Circular on Prevention and Control of Leptospirosis (English)

National Guidelines on Management of Leptospirosis (English )

Laboratory Diagnosis of Human Leptospirosis - Latest Circular (English)




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