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The Epidemiology Unit was established in 1959 with assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO) to strengthen surveillance of communicable diseases. Initially, the unit functioned with a WHO consultant and a national counterpart, who, after further training in epidemiology, was appointed in 1961, as the Epidemiologist of the Department of Health Services. Prior to this, the functions of epidemiological surveillance were under the guidance of a Senior Medical Officer (Epidemiology) in the Department of Health Services. From its inception, the Epidemiological Unit worked very closely with the Public Health Veterinary Officer (presently the  Director, Public Health Veterinary Services) and the Medical Statistician, and were all located at Chelsea Gardens, Colombo 3.

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Revised Summery Guidelines for Clinical Management and Laboratory Investigation of Patients with Seasonal Influenza Virus Infection  

Revised Summery Guidelines for Patients with Seasonal Influenza Virus Infection ( English / Sinhala )

National Immunization Summit , 2015  

National Immunization Summit, 2015

Weekly Epidemiology Report-2016 / 15 Week ( WER )

Polio Virus type 2 withdrawal plan: tOPV-bOPV Switch

Quarterly Epidemiology Bulletin - 2015  ( QEB )

Epidemiology Bulletin - 2nd Quarter 2015

Annual Epidemiology Bulletin ( AEB )

Annual Epidemiology Bulletin - 2012

Immunization Schedule

Immunization Schedule

New MOH and Clinic VMR    

New MOH Office and Clinic Vaccine Movement Register

National Immunization Policy    

National Immunization Policy

Chronic Kidney Disease    

National Research Programme for Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Aetiology -WHO Report (PDF)

Investigation and Evaluation of Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Aetiology - WHO Report (PPT)

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Message for Public

Influenza update

Cases of influenza continue to be reported from all areas of the country. By the third week of May 2015, the Medical Research Institute has tested 252 samples positive for influenza; influenza A - 170 and influenza B – 82.

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Dengue update

During the last 5 month of the year 2016, 17195 suspected dengue cases have been reported to the Epidemiology Unit from all over the island.

Latest Disease Trends,

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Calendar of Activities

What's New


Disease Surveillance in Flood Affected Areas

1. Health messages for public

2. Reporting formats for flood affected areas

Immunization coverage assessment survey


International Dengue Conference - 2016

Ebola Preparedness – Assessment in Sri Lanka

Polio Eradication Endgame Plan

Joint International National Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) and Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD)  Surveillance Sri Lanka : 16th to 26th October 2015

Joint International – National Expanded Programme on Immunization and Vaccine Preventable Disease Surveillance Review From 19th to 23rd October 2015

Influenza Disease

Seasonal Influenza

Influenza in pregnancy

MERS-CoV Infection

Introduction of the Inactivated Polio Vaccine

Symposium on Challenges in Prevention and Control of Hepatitis C

Media Briefing - World Immunization Week

World Immunization Week

GAVI Country Graduation Assessment Mission



The 4th Global Leptospirosis Environmental Action Network (GLEAN)
Technical Meeting
18-20 November 2014 Colombo, Sri Lanka

Working guideline for the management of patients having Ebola Virus Disease (EVD)

Diagnosis of Ebola virus disease (EVD)

Haematological investigations of Ebola Virus disease (EVD) suspected patients

Before conducting any haematological investigations on suspected   Ebola Virus disease (EVD) patients

Please contact,

  1. Epidemiology unit – 0112 695112, 0112 681548
  2. Dr. Sunethra Gunasena  (Consultant virologist ) Medical Research Institute(MRI) Colombo
- 0112 693532, 0112 693533,0112 693534 / 5

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Disease surveillance go online

Routine H399 (Weekly Return of Communicable Diseases) based disease surveillance system has been the driving hub for Sri Lankan...

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Press Releases

A report has been received on 22nd March 2011 by the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health from the Regional Epidemiologist...

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